Monday, 7 December 2015

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Apple increases iCloud Music space to 100,000 tracks

Apple has made good on its promise to increase the iCloud Music Library limit to 100,000 tracks. This was previously set at 25,000, so the change increases the cap threefold. The move was first teased in June, with Eddy Cue, the company's SVP of Internet Software and Services, promising it would arrive before the year's end.

The iCloud Music Library is an online collection of music that's fed by two services: iTunes Match and Apple Music.

iTunes Match is like an online music locker; it scans your iTunes collection and gives you access to any tracks it already has on its servers. Additionally, it uploads any songs it can't find and lets you access or download them with all your registered devices. It costs $24.99 a year. Apple Music includes a very similar service alongside its streaming options, but with one key difference. Its "scan and match" feature includes DRM, so even though you can download them they will cease to function if you cancel your subscription. It costs $9.99 per month for an individual membership, $14.99 per month for a family.

Apple's 25,000-song limit was making its music locker services a tough sell. A couple of services were beating or getting close to that figure free of charge: Google Play Music lets even non-paying subscribers store 50,000, while Microsoft's Groove Music lets you play any track in your OneDrive for free. Amazon only offers 250 tracks for free, but for the same $24.99 per year as iTunes Match you get storage for 250,000 tracks.


Friday, 4 December 2015

Man rubs manhood against sister-in-law's butt

A BULAWAYO man who was recently acquitted of attempted murder and rape, was dragged to court for indecently assaulting his sister-in-law.

Edson Phiri, 31, of Sizinda suburb appeared before Western Commonage magistrate Abednico Ndebele for indecently assaulting his 37 year old sister-in-law. He allegedly lowered his trousers and rubbed his manhood against her backside.

Phiri was not asked to plead and Ndebele remanded him in custody to December 8.

He pleaded not guilty. “I never committed the offence I’m being accused of by my sister- in-law,” said Phiri.

Prosecuting, Mufaro Mageza said on November 24, 2015 at around 2PM the woman was at home with Phiri and his nephew.

“Whilst the complainant was in the dining room talking to the accused person’s wife on the phone, accused person came from behind and held her by the waist with his pants down to his knees. Accused person rubbed his penis on the complainant’s buttocks,” said Mageza.

In April this year,Phiri- dubbed the blood hunter- appeared in court for allegedly attempting to rape a 66-year-old woman at Ingozi Mine Squatter Camp in Bulawayo. He allegedly cut the woman with a knife on the throat before stabbing her in the chest and abdomen.

Yesterday, he told prosecutors he was acquitted of the crime.


Thursday, 3 December 2015

MO365 malfunctions

Customers of Microsoft's online productivity suite are unable to log in to Outlook email and other services due to Azure outage 

Microsoft's Office 365 services-which provide online access to Word,Excel and Outlook,among other software-appear to be offline for many users across Europe due to a problem with Microsoft's cloud computing service,Azure.

Many users reported being blocked from accessing the Office 365 portal,with Down Detector,a website that tracks outages,seeing a spike in reports.Many appear to be related to problems signing in to Outlook, Microsoft's email portal.

The incident appears to be related to Azure, Microsoft's cloud computing platform, on which 365 runs.The Azure status page reads:"Starting at approximately 09:00 on 3rd Dec,2015,customers began experiencing intermittent issues accessing Azure services that use, or have dependencies on Azure Active Directory.

"Engineering teams have identified an Azure Active Directory configuration error that is believed to be the root cause of the issue.The team is working on failing over the impacted service components to a different environment.Impact is largely centralized to the West Europe and North Europe regions. An update will be provided in 60 minutes,or as events warrant."

The Office 365 status page suggests no issues,however.Office 365 is Microsoft's subscription service to its Office suite of productivity software. Given the name- which suggests an always-on,constantly available service-the outage is somewhat embarrassing.