Monday, 13 January 2014

Mutodi releases ‘cynical’ album

Sungura musician Energy Mutodi, who was known for his flamboyance until he hit hard times last year with several legal suits filed against him, has released a new album whose title seems to tell a story of his recent problems over allegations of swindling hundreds of home seekers of their money.

By Tinotenda Samukange

 The four track album is titled ‘Ndinorota landlord’, which means, I dream of being a landlord. Last Novemnber, a Mutare housing developer, Dreamoss Investment (Private) Ltd, filed an urgent chamber application for a spoliation order against him seeking to evict Mutodi from Gimboki South Housing Project in Dangamvura.

Mutodi has another pending case where he is accused of defrauding over 1 500 desperate home seekers of close to $2 million through the National Housing Development Trust (NHDT) in Mutare. The hearing for the case is set for early this year. Mutodi rose to fame a few years ago, flaunting cars and claiming to be a welthy businessperson who wanted to venture into music as a form of entertainment.

 He hogged the limelight when in 2012, he lured former members of Peter Moyo’s Utakataka Band, Shiga Shiga and the pair has since parted ways after Mutodi’s fortunes plummeted.

 On “Ndinorota landlord”, his seventh album, some people strongly believe that he is self-confessing his fate. “Ndinorota landlord” which means I dream of a land owner when translated has stirred a much heated controversy following the allegations of him defrauding desperate home seekers.

Questions about his musical success have been rampant in the streets,people asking if he bite more than he could chew? This is increasingly becoming apparent in the wake of revelations that the music empire he built in the past year or so could be heading for a monumental collapse.

 However,with the diversified audience,some people are saying the four track album has lots of improvements and might affirm his position in the musical industry.