Thursday, 7 March 2013

A Lesbian Author from Zimbabwe voices Up!

Ruth Marimo a Zimbabwean by birth  went to the United States as a teenager after surviving scrapes and heartbreaks from the suicide of her mother when she was a young child...

Finally settled on U.S. shores, she married an American citizen, they had two children but wedded bliss turned into a nightmare as she confronted her sexual identity and he turned on her in physical rage.

Her immigration status was the weak link in the chain and her husband reported her to immigration and deportation proceedings ensued.

Fortunately the attempt failed but in the interim, she spent time in detention where she began to jot down her feelings and confront all the truths and issues our society shuns, from racism, illegal immigration, and homosexuality to sexual and domestic abuse.

It was a book for her children – Chido and Simba – who could soon be left abandoned as she was at age 6. She also found hope in accepting herself as an African woman who is gay.

Those notes from prison and beyond have been compiled in a new book called “Freedom of an illegal Immigrant: The Untold Story of My Search for a Place in the World.”

Speaking to Sahara TV’s Fungai Maboreke, Ms. Marimo asserted that she is one among many African women who are lesbian or have such sensibilities but cannot come out in the open due to social, cultural and quasi-political idiosyncrasies.
“I’ve heard endless stories of people who come out to me,” she said. “Some obviously keep it secretive and stay in their heterosexual marriages even though they are having other relationships on the side…”
Now in a same-sex relationship, she and her partner are raising her two girls aged 8 and 4 and her 8 year old is an academic achiever, able to outwit children older than herself in any spelling bee. They live in Omaha, Nebraska, where she attends the Metropolitan Church.

The 33-year-old still writes. She writes poetry, which she reads publicly each month.
Maboreke recalled the intolerance and prejudice against gays displayed by Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe when he scorned them as “worse than pigs.” To this, Ruth Marimo retorted: “He is entitled to his opinion, but his opinion does not define who I am”

 Her book can be found online on



1)Is it justifiable for someone to claim a homosexual right in Zimbabwe?

2)Is it good to our Society?

3)What does it portray about the Zimbabweans living in the Diaspora ? 

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Satanism hits Prison Services

                                         George Renee Lungange&Ngezi Bragston

 Zimondi's deputy, Huggins Machingauta, said the continued stay of the satanists at the prison is "worrying".

“I take it today here we have members of different church denominations at this meeting. There are satanists detained just behind us, find ways of assisting them,” Zimondi pleaded to prison stakeholders whom he was engaging for assistance.

Remand Prison is housing two Congolese nationals and a Rwandese after they appealed to prison authorities to start their satanism church at Tongogara Refugee Camp in Chipinge.

While detained at Mutare Remand Prison authorities pleaded to separate the three,Busy Mana Thenetse,George Renee Lungange and Ngezi Bragston so that they would not influence fellow inmates to follow their satanistic church.

Last week two of the satanists told journalists at the prison that authorities were preventing them from following their tradition.

They said that the Zimbabwean authority should either quickly deport them or allow them to follow their religion while in prison.

Fellow inmates told journalist at the prison last week that, the two, when they arrived caused a stir after demanding human blood, a coffin and a red cloth so that they can demonstrate their power.

“We are a Christian country and we do not subscribe to their religion," said Machingauta. We have since engaged the relevant authorities to fast track their deportation but the process seems to be taking long.”

ZPS spokesperson Superintendent, Elizabeth Banda, said:
“We must think about the safety of officers who spend most of their time with these people. We are not happy with the satiation as we strongly believe their interaction with these satanists might also affect their private lives."

Dianah Pazvakavambwa, a Prison Ministry Coordinator with Faith Ministries, said they will pray for both officers and the satanists.(The Standard)

UK woman from Zimbabwe living with her husband and lover in same house

LONDON – A 33 year old woman originally from Zimbabwe is making international headlines after deciding to stay in the same house with her husband and lover.

“People might think it’s weird but I love both men and couldn’t choose between them,” the mum of two told the UK Daily Mirror.

Loved up: Paul, left, Maria and Peter

Maria Vogel Butzki, 33, originally from Bulawayo, now shares the family home in Barking, London, with her children Laura, 16, and Amy, 12 and the two men in her life Paul Butzki and Peter Gruman.

Maria, who grew up in Saurcetown and did part of her secondary education at Northlea, was 15 when she met Paul in school and she fell pregnant with Laura two years later. The couple got married before they had their second daughter, Amy, but the relationship hit a rocky patch in 2006.

Maria said “Paul was out of work for six months and it put a strain on our ­relationship. The stress led to less sex and we grew apart. Although we carried on with life – cooking, cleaning, looking after the child­ren – we’d lost our intimacy. The relationship was more brother and sister than a couple.”

When Maria left her husband Paul for another man, she didn’t realize how much she’d miss him. At the same time, she couldn’t imagine living without her new lover Peter Gruman. So when the two men struck up an extraordinary friendship, she came up with the perfect solution… and moved Peter into the family home in Barking, East London.

“When I left Paul there was a huge hole in my life. But the thought of never seeing Peter again was heart-breaking. So living with both men is the only way."

Incredibly, the men agree. Paul, a railway assessor, says:“Peter is a great guy. When Maria first had the affair with him I was just heartbroken. But as I got to know him, I realized we have so much in common. We both adore fishing, and he’s like a surrogate dad to the kids.”
Peter, a construction site manager, adds: “We all get on so well. It doesn’t feel as if I’m ­sharing Maria. There’s no ­jealousy …it feels as if we are a team.”

Lovely family

It was last year that they all moved in ­together after three years of Maria to-ing and fro-ing between her husband and lover. Peter sleeps on the sofa while Paul has a room ­upstairs. Maria shares a bedroom with her eldest daughter.

She says: “The three of us never share a bed. Although I have a sexual relationship with each man, that side is kept very private. If Paul is out, then Peter and I might make love, and vice-versa. But both men turn a blind eye and we never discuss it with one another.”

“Some people are shocked, mostly because they get the wrong idea and think it’s some sort of threesome,” she says.

“Most people seem to think I should just remain with Paul, but those who see all of us ­together think differently.” She adds: “There are huge benefits to living together. For example, as Paul and I leave for work early, Peter is often able to take the children to school.

“Ultimately the children benefit from three adults able to help with school work or give them lifts. Financially too, it makes sense as the bills are split three ways.”
Ironically, Maria is now the one who sometimes gets jealous. “I’m left on my own when the pair of them go on a long fishing trip,” she says.

She’s unsure what the sleeping arrangements will be in their new house. “But we would never have any sort of Rota where I sleep with Peter one night and Paul the next. I do know I’m very lucky to have two wonderful men in my life.” (Daily Mirror)

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

The wife of the late "Zengeza N'anga" still believes his husband is alive!

Liliosa Punduma said that as someone who grew up in a family that follows traditions, she will not rush into marriage. “I strongly believe that Speakmore was well used by almost eight spirits that worked with him for healing and prophecy,” said Liliosa.

“Aive neshave renyoka, rejuzu, achiporofita nayasekuru vaigadza matare makuru and to believe that he has died is still far from me. He must be living somewhere semunhu aive neshave renjuzu probably he is under waters.

“I had begun to understand him and how he conducted his spiritual powers that the people who gathered in Chiweshe for his burial gave a great testimony. I am going to remain single until the spirit mediums speak to me for a way forward.

“As of now I will concentrate on my education. He would eat raw eggs and me, he is still alive,” she said.
Liliosa believes that her husband could have survived the ‘lighting’ that struck their house had he received quick attention.

“Dai vakamudhonza rurimi airarama because he was involved in a situation where he was not supposed to be killed,” said Liliosa.
“People were enveloped with fear and also the ambulance delayed to take us to hospital. If he comes back I have no problem receiving him as my husband after all the reports that he died because I strongly believe in spirit mediums,” she added.


 “RED light districts that is lawfully ideal for prostitution is ordinary in some western countries, but Zimbabwe may soon encompass its own if views by some are taken seriously. There is no doubt that the issue is set to mess up the feathers of purist and moralists.”

The issue was prompted by calls from certain Members of Parliament recently to legalize prostitution .The calls are already causing a public stir, with debate centered on the compensation and inconvenience of authorizing prostitution. Those who are for prostitution say it has been in existence for a long time to the extent that it has become part of the society .
Authorizing the subordinate, they say, will only be recognizing the reality that prostitution will always be around .But those who are against the issue claims that authorizing the practice would be equivalent to markdown (ignore) morals.

A Social Science lecturer at Midlands State University Mr. Elikana Shoko said authorizing prostitution would obliterate (destroy) Zimbabwean culture.  “It is engaging in endorsed sexual encounters and immoral behavior from customary (traditional) point of view”, he said. “Society has its own values and norms which have to be safeguard by its own people and not to be demoralized by the customs of Westernization”. In developed countries, sex workers coddle (indulge) in sexual activities not because of poverty but to satisfy their sexual desires unlike prostitution in Zimbabwe who does it as a source of income,” he said. One can actually see the brains of a few restricted prostitutes who are well informed of what is happening elsewhere  and want  to smuggle such weird practices into Zimbabwean society .”It’s traditional abhorred (despised) behavior ,but today it’s a necessary evil because the prostitutes will tell you it’s better to engage in  sex than to die of hunger ,”he said.

 Tatenda Dzane a Social Science student at Midlands State University stated that “how can an obvious evil be necessarily good.”

 “Another expert in sociology, who detained to be named, said instead of authorizing prostitution, society needs to be educated to safeguard African customs.
 “From a sociological point, it is benefiting to uphold teachings that can protect some of our esteemed (valued) ways of society in the fast changing world of modernity,” said the expert. “Let us prevent the loss of identity through fitting in Western ways of life that will result in a characterless society.”Prostitution has been there since time immemorial, but in our instance it was fueled by colonization. The “Profession” has always been condemned in African culture and calls for its legislation are not a non-starter in this part of the world.

Prostitution at Midlands State University boomed during the 2008 era when basic commodities such as food and clothing disappeared. Edison Rwafa a landlord in Senga Area 2 of Gweru said that “in 2008 prostitution at Midlands State University increased enormously, thus in some instances some male landlords in the area would even receive their rent in kind since money had became a scarce resource”

The History of Black Struggle claims that prostitution in Zimbabwe came with the modernity, as prostitutes were used for sexual gratification in the towns as wives of men working for the whites were not allowed  because of the nature of accommodation that was available at that time, in pursuit of this  a History Lecturer at Midlands State university Mr.Munhande said   “women were allowed into beer halls to provide entertainment and sexual pleasures to men who could not journey each time to the rural areas to be with their families”

Referred to as the world’s oldest profession, prostitution is the soliciting of sexual favors for monetary gain. It is a booming source of income in the West, particularly in countries like Germany, Greece and the Netherlands.The Minister  of Health  and Child Welfare ,Dr Henry Madzorera was quoted as saying at the workshop that there would be benefits if prostitution was legalized .Sex work, which I prefer to call prostitution ,if recognized ,will not increase the number of people infected with HIV and Aids ,especially if complemented with adequate  programmes because these people  have been there since biblical times and do not emit diseases ,” he said. Dr Madzorera‘s sentiments were echoed at the work shop by Bulawayo East Member  of Parliament Ms Tabitha  khumalo ,who was quoted as saying that prostitutes offered  critical service to society. They offer critical services which are always on demand and should not be called prostitutes but ‘pleasure engineers’,” said Ms Khumalo.

This trade is seen as a trade that knows neither Age nor Place that is why it also infringing in High Schools and Universities. Bryan Gumbo a Social Science student at Midlands State University said that “financial ills are costing the whole scenario of prostitution at Midlands State University”.

 Unnamed Senga ZRP police stated that “a 21 year old girl of Midlands State University was caught and arrested for stripping in a Club named Insomnia on March 1, of this year”.

 A group of boys of Midlands State University uttered this  at an interview with them “prostitution is nothing much to the destruction of African culture; they claimed that if the Western brought civilization to Africa and  people accepted then why not indulge prostitution as part of civilization…”
The issue of prostitution that has become another phase of globalization still remains the ball in the court those ascribed to the core idea of it defends it by saying “we are longing to see its authorization” whilst the non-affirmative are saying “why do we need to renew the age of Solomon”.